Monday, July 26, 2010

Transubstantiation and Annihilation - New Book by Thomas Sheridan

Proceeds from the sale of Transubstantiation and Annihilation will go to Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

"In Transubstantiation and Annihilation, artist Thomas Sheridan has put together an assemblage of words and images from his private journals and sketchbooks representing over twenty years of personal observation and thoughts concerning life and society. Covering everything from his fictional short stories based on growing up on the Northside of Dublin during the 1970’s, to satirical observations, along with essays on subjects ranging from everyday psychopaths, the destruction of the Irish landscape, allegories within popular culture, the human pineal gland to the meaning behind terms such as “Magic” and “Art”. The images range from photographs, to illustrations and even doodles, all of which are all previously unpublished. Pages from the author’s personal dream journals, and even astronomical observations are reproduced in Transubstantiation and Annihilation."


  1. Wow, this sounds exciting, Thomas! Northside of Dublin in the 1970s, is one among many things I am curious of here.

  2. Thanks Jenny - yeah I had some strange and funny events as a kid.