Monday, June 7, 2010

The fosebook summer 2010 eBook has gone live!

This publication contains pieces from poets and artists from all over the world who contribute and take part in the creative community Flowers of Sulfur. You can find it here as a free download. There will also be a print edition available from Lulu within a few weeks.

Included in this edition of fosebook is work from nooshin azadi, Jeremy Blomberg, Gerry Boyd, Nikki Dahlke, Amanda Deo, Megan Duffy, Anders Enochsson, Jenny Enochsson, Charles Farrell, Neil Robert Graf, Christine Gram, John Grochalski, Harlequin, Pisces Iscariot, Per-Olav Johnson, timmy t jones, jb krost, Hannah Miet, rhoda penmarq, The Scrybe, Francis Scudellari, Thomas Sheridan and A‘keith Walters.

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in this project that has resulted in this exciting and beautiful publication of unconventional, offbeat poetry and art. It has been a pleasure working with you all.


The Editing Team (Francis, Megan, Ande, Gerry, Jenny)


  1. how beautiful it is to sing and dance round a bonfire... hand in hand... in a circle...

    namaste to you all!

  2. a big "thank you" to the editing team...great work!


  4. You guys are so unique, wonderful and talented!

    It has been an honor working with everyone. I firmly believe in creative collaborations like these, especially in this strange cynical era we live in.

  5. Fantastic. So proud and honoured to be a part of this. It just explodes with good energy, sincerity and depth. It is truly something special indeed and it can only get better from here on.

    The editing team did an amazing job considering the short time frame, and this being their first project too. Take a bow. Can't wait for the printed version.

  6. Yes Jenny, you are correct about collaborations being now more important than ever. As society is being made increasingly trashy and pointless, it is good idea that like minded individuals who share a common resonance create their own micro-cultures and share them with others.

    Just to be slighly pedantic, will the printed edition be called Fosbook? Not that it matters really, just interested.

  7. Thomas, yes, it will also be called fosebooks summer 2010. Thanks!

  8. thanks jenny and the other editors ... the ebook is beautifully laid out and i am sure the printed one will look even better.
    i am really happy to be part of
    this collaboration and fos in general ... hopefully this is just a start and we can move on to other things just as good

  9. I hope this is just the start too. If anyone of you, hb, Nikki, Neil, Thomas, timmy (and the other FoS members) have ideas on future project, do not hesitate to tell me.

    Thanks so much, all of you!

  10. ah... yes... Jenny!
    i've got some... old and new... i'll share them with you soon... one by one...

    one of them is a series of books with poems and artworks but each about a difinite subject... such as... peace... friendship... water... words... stones... or anything else... concrete or abstract...

    different people share their perspectives on the subject...
    in this way we can show how truth is multi-faceted...

    i really agree with Thomas saying,

    As society is being made increasingly trashy and pointless, it is good idea that like minded individuals who share a common resonance create their own micro-cultures and share them with others.

    one of the things our world really needs to acquire is this attitude that truth is relative... and each person can show one aspect of it... and all views are precious...

    now think of a book by people from different countries with different viewpoints about a specific subject...

    and that going to be something more than a book ... it could be a manifesto...


    love to you my friend

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  12. I really liked this project. Great work.

    (I'm a huge Hannah Miet fan.)