Saturday, June 5, 2010

Novels by Pisces Iscariot

Unlike many men who when they turn 40 end up with a shiny new motorbike or a new wife, I ended up writing. The Aeon Calling is my first completed novel. It was followed by Markov Chain (which you can read for free) and Decaying Orbits, which I am in the process of writing.

I remember, as a teenager, being infatuated with a girl to the extent that my days were filled with an imaginary life which involved her and only her. The only problem seemed to be that she barely noticed me.
The Aeon Calling draws on all of those feelings and extrapolates them into an adult context. After the death of his mother Alex Brown is driven by the Tarot; by political circumstance, and by the demons of his infatuation with his cousin to pursue her across the world, his mind becoming more and more unravelled the further outward he travels from the one woman who does love him.

"a work of extraordinary insight"
Melrose Books

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A state of mind

We are only what we believe ourselves to be…
  • Martha Gabriel, not content to accept the fading of her husband’s faculties to Alzheimer-like symptoms, finds herself questioning her life as she witnesses his bizarre compulsions.
  • John Gabriel is somewhere else; an island of archetypes; demons and gods; an culture of forgetting.
  • An 18th century pilgrim trapped and alone on a ghost ship with only the wood and his harrowing guilt as company.
  • A red haired man with a violent and cynical tenant in the recesses of his mind struggles to deny all responsibility for that which is done in his name.
  • A man in a bubble resorts to using the memory of pain to reconstruct his life.
…and they will all come to the place where they believe they should be.

Markov Chain works on the philosophical premise that tomorrow’s revelations can only be determined by today’s perceptions.

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  1. Pisces, I’m reading your book “Markov …” now. It’s a very interesting book. I want to say that you’re a highly accomplished writer.

  2. PO: I just happy to have someone read it - hope you enjoy :D